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Specializing in Stem Cell Therapy and Education.

Who we are

Young Solution is a full service Cord Stem Cell provider and therapy center. We provide stem cell therapy for our patients in our Largo, FL clinic as well as education and support for Health Care Professionals. Our goal is to provide our patients with the best possible outcomes for their health, educate healthcare professionals and supply them with the tools and training they need for successful stem cell treatments.

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john young md"I injured my right knee playing tennis. It was swollen, it would catch, and it would cause me to limp in pain. The MRI showed three meniscal tears, one bucket handle tear, osteoarthritis, and bone on bone."

"After much research, and motivated to avoid surgery, I decided to try umbilical cord stem cell therapy. After 10 days, I had no pain and my knee wasn’t catching. After 30 days, all the swelling was gone. 90 days after treatment, I was back to playing tennis. The follow-up MRI showed that all three meniscal tears were gone. The bucket handle tear was 80% healed, and there was no sign of osteoarthritis or bone on bone. I was thrilled with the results and I was excited to think what this could mean for my patients."

"As an M.D., my goal is to get my patients better with few, if any, pharmaceuticals and with little to no surgery. Umbilical cord stem cells could go a long way in achieving this goal. Over the past three years, I have administered over 1,000 umbilical cord stem cell treatments, and I am constantly encouraged by the results."

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Physician, Educator and Researcher, Dr. Young's ongoing research has led to many
innovative products and treatments being used around the world.

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